1972 was a year in which I started coming of age so to speak. I was 15 years old then and as my mom used to say, “Still a little wet behind the ears”, meaning, I was to young to really know anything. Little did she know I was out there learning all sorts of things!

That year, I had finished the 10th grade at the old Rockingham High School and when summer started I was taking drivers education, when some of the guys in the car we were learning to drive in told me there was going to be a huge concert at the North Carolina Motor Speedway. Up until that day I had heard nothing about it. We spent the rest of our driving session talking about the concert than we did paying attention to the driving!

At the time I lived in a small mill village called Cordova, which was just South of Rockingham, NC. ¬†Cordova is roughly 5 miles from Rockingham going North on US1. Then through town and out around 12 miles the whole time on country roads to the Speedway, where Peachtree Festival 1972 was getting prepared for what would turn out to be something all of us “locals”, would never forget! :)

The summer seemed to go by VERY SLOW waiting for August to roll around. Once the date for the concert arrived, me and a friend named “Toot” started out hitch hiking to the speedway. Two girls in a Volkswagen Beetle were heading South on US Hwy #1 and they turned around and picked us up, as we were hitch hiking going North, which is where the speedway was.¬†They figured that the two long haired guys thumbing must be headed to the concert, and they were right. They were very appreciative of us setting them in the right direction. Hmm..

Once we got to the speedway we went our separate ways and “Toot” and I headed to the woods across from the speedway to do some “rolling”, I’ll let you figure out what that means…,

Then we went and bought our tickets and entered the speedway to experience our first big outdoor concert. I’ll never forget it….

There is very little on the internet about this event. So I decided to make this site in hopes of gathering more info, photos and what not to share with anyone who attended this great show.

It’s 37 years later since the concert and I now live in Myrtle Beach, SC getting older and grayer. But I still remember this festival like it was yesterday.

If you have anything to add to this site then by all means contact me through the “Contact Us” link at the top. And I’ll keep looking as well for more things that are related to this event!

SMILE! :-)

Steve Clarke

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