PeachTree Festival 1972

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Welcome, to what I hope will soon be an informative site about the Peach Tree Festival that took place in Rockingham, NC at the North Carolina Motor Speedway in 1972.

Not much on the internet about it so maybe by having this site dedicated to it, people will come out of hiding and start sending stuff related to it.

I’m also trying out a music player on the site to feature songs you may have heard from the bands that played at PeachTree. So visit the music page to listen.

If you have any info you would like to share or pictures, then please contact us.

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  • Bill Bright:

    I remember Peach Tree Festival well. I was 16. A friend of mine and myself were dropped off that morning. We were from Southern Pines. After a great day and evening of music and celebration, we had to hitchhike bake to Southern Pines(about 19 miles). I was a little concerned about getting a ride so late, but it was only minutes before we were picked up and carried back to Southern Pines. What a great memory. I have cherished it for 38 years. I remember it well in spite of all the mind altering substances that day!

  • Bill Bright:

    Should have read “back to Southern Pines”. not bake! Caught it to late to correct.

  • Sue:

    I was 16 also. It took us weeks to get our parents to let us go. Little did they or we, for that matter, what was going to be like. We loaded up my parents Plymoth station wagon and off we went. I had to puke stop along the way because the guys in the back seat were drinking Orange Driver(good Lord)!!! We arrived to find the most people we had ever seen in one place. We made our way to a good spot..fairly close to the stage and settled in. It was hot as Hades!!! I remember a chopper flying over spraying the crowd with water. Late in the afternoon we made a run to Hamlet and picked up a watermelon thinking that would cool us off. I remember the announcements warning people about the “bad” drugs. We saw things that day and night that we had never seen and, in my case, have not seen since. If I remember correctly our curfew was 11:00, but we were there long enough to see all the great acts that performed. It was an experience that I will always remember!

  • Pam Wilson:

    I have NEVER forgotten Peachtree. It was my 18th birthday! We had several carloads of people following along. I was driving my 1969 Thunderbird Convertible! Geez, I wish I still had that car. We managed to perch up in the stands so we could see the bands better. Of course we got totally wasted. Not sure what it was I took but I remember it being so hot and someone offered me a beer. I drank some of the hot beer and thought that someone was trying to poison me. Paranoid. I also remember people walking around with signs advertising LSD, Pot, purple microdot, etc. There were OD tents filled with people. For some reason I thought we were all going to die of thirst. It was just SO hot. Nevertheless the music was fabulous. Wish I could have a do over.

  • Karen:

    I was happy to find this site and know other people think about that weekend. I was only 15! My mom took me and 2 girlfriends from Wilmington…we stayed overnite and she stayed in a nearby motel…she had NO CLUE what was going on there and I never told her. We were not really prepared and were tired and hungry when we left but it was an awesome experience and we saw it all!! good music, drugs and naked people, we thought we were so cool just to be there!

    ps Bill maybe “baked” was the right word :)

  • Dan Barfield:

    I took a most beautiful girl, Karen Krogh Foam in the back of my new El Camino was our digs. I think we were the only people to take a Coleman Cooler in with a 25 lb. block of ice. With that we had it made. There was a shortage of rolling papers so I got a phone book and that seemed to make me a hero of sorts. I think Alice Copper was hanging out of the helicopter when he flew in. It was a great weekend. We were both 20. I also did The Jimmy Carter Jam in Ga. and MayDay in DC.. And the first National Marijuana Smoke in in DC., where 10,000 of us smoked pot on the Capital steps. I also went to the fifth annual but it wasn’t quite the party. Those were the days. It has been quite a ride especially now that I’m 59 and think back. I still party. Karen, wherever she is, went on to get her Juris Doctorite

  • Sharon Kennedy:

    I attended the peach tree festival. It was great, I was only 14-15 but then most everyone was young. I had no clue where I was going or what was a rock festival. I am still glad that the music I grew up with was about Peace and Love.

  • Andy G.:

    I drove my early model Toyata Corona Station Wagon from the New River Air Station with friends from Camp LeJeune. We were all in our late teens.
    What an event! I remember Birtha and Alice Cooper, the helicopter, the heat,
    no water, the plethora of substances (some concessioned a la ‘cigarette-girl’ style in beer box trays hung from necks), the lack of toilet facilities, many people lacking clothes … I also remember some guy walking through the crowd with a black Great Dane trying to find water — I felt so sorry for that dog.
    I was a huge (and still am) fan of Joni Mitchell. I was confused by Sherry Hagler of Birtha (Birtharocks(dot)com) thinking she was Joni doing rock songs!
    My memory of the ride over to Rockingham is foggy, I mean, I know we got there
    and found a great place in front of the stage. I remember how one band would play while the other set up. I thought most of the bands were great and how ‘cool’ it was to be at a concert like this! I can remember trying to find my car after the concert was over … walking for what seemed like forever down a dirt road with tents and impromptu campsites with couples and groups embraced in the firelight. AND … I remember the drive home … with all my friends sleeping, arriving in the wee hours of the morning. What a great moment in time and how great to be a part of Rock History!

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